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© 2005 Benjamin Wimmer

A new "event and concert" season (2003/2004) at the GH-Höller lay ahead and we thought it was time for a fresh branding. The task was to create new flyers, posters and a webdesign, the topic was the term "other side".

After a few hours of thinking and brainstorming the idea of the "wall-which-parts-us-and-the-fun-side-of-life" was born. All we needed was finding the right wall in real-life.

Checking Burg Pürnstein - a castle, there has to be a wall we thought - didn't help, so we drove some time through the wonderful Mühlviertel searching around. Then, there it was: Steinbruch, a small church surrounded by a wall just like the one in our minds.

Days later, the project "other side" started.

shooting: 1/2h; editing on the PC: 5-6h

Credits: Benjamin Wimmer, Günter Höller, Sabine Höller, Heidi Allmeder