What's it all about?

RGDB is a small and of course non-commercial project with the goal to create an interactive, online index for the fabulous magazine RetroGamer. The index doesn't and won't ever include any parts of the articles themselves; its sole purpose is to offer a possibility for finding specific articles.

As I code it in my spare time, there is neither a roadmap nor a deadline or any other fixed things.

If you've got any input/critics/feedback, don't hesitate to get in touch either through

This page summarizes the status of the project; I'll try to keep all versions online.


V 0.6
V 0.5
V 0.4
V 0.3
V 0.2 (not available online)
V 0.1 (not available online)
Benjamin Wimmer - Vienna, Austria - 2010-2011